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Safety and Security Window Film from Solarworks Tinting

The world can be a dangerous place, and the Atlanta metropolitan area is no exception. LLumar safety and security window film from Solarworks Tinting in Cumming is the effective and affordable way to help defend your building and everyone inside against natural and man-made disasters.

Broken Window

Besides being invisible to the naked eye, the durability, reliability and strength of LLumar window tinting is unmatched in the market.

Made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound, LLumar is able to hold shattered windows in place to protect individuals inside against dangerous flying glass shards. Storms, earthquakes, explosions – it can stand up to almost anything that threatens you from the outside.

In addition, LLumar safety film is incredibly difficult to break through, making it a natural deterrent against forced entries and break-ins, which is a huge money saver for retailers.

It also acts as a sacrificial layer if vandals tag your building with graffiti – simply peel off the transparent film and the graffiti is removed along with it.

Tagged Glass

Businesses, organizations and government agencies around the world have trusted LLumar safety and security window film to protect their most precious resources. Discover how it can make a difference for your facility here in Georgia. For more information on safety window tint and to get your free estimate,
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