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Decorative Window Film from Solarworks Tinting

When you combine your imagination, the style of LLumar iLLusions decorative window films and expert installation by Solarworks Tinting in Cumming, the opportunities to enhance your building projects are endless.

Decorative Window

Whether you have a design challenge you need to fix in a new building project or want to bring a bold statement to a retrofit project, LLumar iLLusions has a window tint for you.

Available in more than 50 eye-catching styles, iLLusions is perfect for interior glass enhancements, from conference room windows and shower enclosures to room dividers and glass cabinets. It’s even perfect for dressing up retail windows to draw traffic into your store. And because iLLusions decorative window film is easily installed by a Solarworks Tinting expert, you can change your look as often as you change your mind.

iLLusions Window Tint Design Options

  • Frosts – Ensure privacy and diffuse light without affecting natural light – all at a fraction of the cost of expensive etched glass
  • Graphic patterns – Match your décor and complement your unique taste with patterned film styles, including pinstripes, polka dots, squares, and sparkles
  • Gradients – Take advantage of the hottest trend in decorating with window film that transitions from clear to opaque, perfect for partially blocking views or hiding unattractive areas
  • Textures – From cracked glass to sandblast, realistic textures simulate the sparkle and clarity of traditional textured glass without the high cost that accompanies it
  • Specialties – Add a pop of bold color or defuse light with an array of eye-catching hues and opaque window films that will grab everyone’s attention

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